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    Results Lyric of Chrissy Teigen Launching Kitchen Line At Target Songs

  1. Juice WRLD
    Lean Wit Me
  2. Dem Franchize Boyz
    Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
  3. Carly Moffa
    I’d Let The Lion Out
  4. Joy Lynn White
    Why Can’t I Stop Loving You
  5. Joy Lynn White
    It’s Amazing
  6. Joy Lynn White
    Bittersweet End
  7. Meek Mill
    Lean Wit It
  8. Dem Franchize Boyz
    Lean Wit Rock Wit It
  9. Bunny Lion
    Bunny Lion at the Control
  10. Joy Lynn White
    Tonight the Heartache’s on Me
  11. Jefferson Starship
    Layin’ It on The Line
  12. Joy Lynn White
    Little Tears
  13. Mozzy
    Line It Up
  14. Joy Lynn White
    Why Do I Feel So Good
  15. Joy Lynn White
    True Confessions
  16. Young Jeezy
    Lean Wit It
  17. Joy Lynn White
    Whiskey, Lies and Tears
  18. Joy Lynn White
    Too Gone to Care
  19. Joy Lynn White
    Burning Memories
  20. Joy Lynn White
    I Am Just a Rebel
  21. Joy Lynn White
    Wild Love
  22. Joy Lynn White
    Wherever You Are
  23. Starship
    Layin’ It on The Line
  24. Joy Lynn White
    On and On and On
  25. Joy Lynn White
    Cold Day in July
  26. Buck Owens
    I’m Layin’ It On The Line
  27. Charles Bukowski
    You Can’t Make a Lion Out of a Butterfly
  28. Kainos
    Layin’ It Down
  29. Joy Lynn White
    Let’s Talk About Love Again
  30. Joy Lynn White
    You Were Right from Your Side
  31. Joy Lynn White
    Bad Loser
  32. A Chorus Line
    What I Did For Love
  33. Joy Lynn White
    Those Shoes
  34. Joy Lynn White
    Hey Hey Mama
  35. Gunplay
    Lean Wit It Freestyle
  36. Kings of Leon
    Wait For Me
  37. Joy Lynn White
    Wishful Thinking
  38. Covered Up
    Let Me Go (Originally Performed by Hailee Steinfeld with Alesso, Florida Georgia Line & Watt) [Instrumental]
  39. Danny Toeman
    Layin’ It On The Line
  40. A Chorus Line
    At The Ballet
  41. Trae The Truth
    Lean Wit It
  42. Loon
    What You Say
  43. White Lion
  44. Ed Sheeran
    Thinking Out Loud
  45. Florida Georgia Line
    It’z Just What We Do
  46. Vera Lynn
    It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow
  47. Vera Lynn
    It Hurts To Say Goodbye
  48. Loretta Lynn
    White Christmas Blue
  49. Los Tucanes de Tijuana
    El Amor SoƱado
  50. Kings of Leon
    It Don’t Matter

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