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Abbath – Abbath (Deluxe edition) – Music Lyric

This album stands as a perfect amalgamation between Abbath’s "I" project, and the direction Immortal had been going. The production is solid, the riffs are what you
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Immortal – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives Lyric

Euronymous of Mayhem is credited for getting Abbath Doom Occulta into black metal and as a result, Abbath getting Varg Vikernes into black metal as well.
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Northern Chaos Gods by Immortal on Amazon Music – … Lyric

After nine years they return! Without Abbath, but as it seems just as strong as before! Very impressed with the production, this album feels older than it is.
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Dark Lyrics. Bands A. Lyric

Browse by band name or enter band/album/song to search lyrics for:
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WELCOME TO Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal – … Lyric

Progressive Rock,Progressive Metal,Progressive,Rock,Rock Progressivo,Heavy Metal,Symphonic Metal,Symphonic Rock,Music,Prog Rock,Pink Floyd,Genesis,Yes,rush,deep
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